Dr. Szilvia Biro, UD Cognitieve Psychologie
Andreea Geambaşu, promovenda, Promovenda
Stephan Huijbregts, Neuropsycholoog
Jiska Westen, studentassistent
Dr. Claartje Levelt, UHD Taalwetenschap
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel, cognitief psycholoog en hoogleraar
Astrid Gilein, studentassistent

Szilvia Biro, Assistant Professor, Centre for Child and Family Studies, PI babylab

I investigate the perception of goal-directed actions and the development of action control. I am also interested in the emergence of physical reasoning, for example, how infants can represent and make inferences about hypothetical objects. My research also includes investigating the cognitive and executive impairments in individuals with autism.

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