Dr. Szilvia Biro, UD Cognitieve Psychologie
Andreea Geambaşu, promovenda, Promovenda
Stephan Huijbregts, Neuropsycholoog
Jiska Westen, studentassistent
Dr. Claartje Levelt, UHD Taalwetenschap
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel, cognitief psycholoog en hoogleraar
Astrid Gilein, studentassistent

Dr. Stephan Huijbregts, Neuro-psychologist (Clinical child and adolescent studies, Leiden University, and Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition

My research focuses on factors that can influence the behavioral- and cognitive development of children. These can be biological factors or social circumstances. Cognitive development in infancy. Even at the earliest stages temperamental differences are already obvious.