Dr. Szilvia Biro, UD Cognitieve Psychologie
Andreea Geambaşu, promovenda, Promovenda
Stephan Huijbregts, Neuropsycholoog
Jiska Westen, studentassistent
Dr. Claartje Levelt, UHD Taalwetenschap
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel, cognitief psycholoog en hoogleraar
Astrid Gilein, studentassistent

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hommel

I am a cognitive psychologist and full professor of "general psychology". I’m interested in human perception, attention, action control, and in executive processes. My current research collaborations address the interaction between cognition and affect, the early development of action control, the neural and neuromodular underpinnings of feature binding processes in perception and action, and the interplay between perception and action control in humanoid robots. My website